Sometimes you want to quickly export a few tables from a SAP Netweaver ABAP system, to copy them to another system.

My use case was to export tables prior to a system copy (for example SECSTORE related tables) and reimport them after the refresh. Since we had SAP installed on different database softwares, I wanted to have a single procedure, as it’s easier to maintain.

Another use case is when you need to copy a few tables from one database system to another, running a different database software.

You can also use this method to copy tables from one client to another.

The source documentation from SAP is located there, in case you want to use some advanced options from R3trans:


Here is an example of control file to export SICF info. You should name this file “sicf_exp.ctl”. It is also possible to specify client=ALL if you want to export from all clients at once.

select * from ICFSERVLOC
select * from ICFSECPASSWD
select * from ICFDOCU
select * from ICFSERVICE
select * from ICFBUFFER
select * from ICFDELTA
select * from ICFHANDLER
select * from ICFHANDTREE
select * from ICFIMPORT
select * from ICFLOGORDER
select * from ICFNOHANDLER
select * from ICFVIRHOST
select * from SHMSERVICE

Then run the export

R3trans -w sicf_exp.log sicf_exp.ctl


We’ll use the following control file “sicf_imp.ctl”. You can remove the line “client=…” to import to the same client(s) as the one(s) where the export was made.


Then run the import

R3trans -w sicf_imp.log sicf_imp.ctl